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Quality service and workmanship is very important to us and deserves high priority. Our drawing and design department helps our clients with custom made products before manufacturing. Below is a full list of Info & Specifications for the various products.

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Grid Holder

Stainless Steel [304 grade], Adjustable Heights & Higienic

Camp Casserol

Camp Casserol 300 x 200 x 80mm


Fill with soapy water and keep your stainless steel grid clean

SKOPPIE, Long & Short

BC028 (Long) 135 x 110 x 740mm, BC029 (Short) 170 x 175 x 70mm

Coal Scraper

Stainless Steel [304 grade] Coal scraper 730mm

Meat Tongs

BC013 Meat Tongs, 420mm

Custom Designs

Do you have a custom design or project, contact us for a no obligation quote.

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