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Quality service and workmanship is very important to us and deserves high priority. Our drawing and design department helps our clients with custom made products before manufacturing. Below is a full list of Info & Specifications for the various products.

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Camp Oven Charcoal

BC041, bread, chicken, veggies, etc. 300 x 180 x 220mm


BC041 Camp oven charcoal - bread, chicken, veggies, pudding. 300 x 180 x 220mm

Crayfish Pot & Lid

Stainless Steel, Size 280 o/d x 420mm, Hygienic & Easy to Clean. 22 litre

Paella Pan & lid

Stainless Steel [3CR12 / 430 grade], 400 x 300 x 70mm, Hygienic AND Suitable for induction stoves, ideal for Paella,steak or breakfast.

Blik hoender

Stainless steel stand with 3 forks. Can take 3 chickens, shanks, leg of lamb and more. Put veggies at the bottom and you have a complete meal! Takes roughly 60 minutes.


2 chickens / lamb leg. Includes (Gas burner x 1 or Removable Ash Pan for Charcoal or Wood), Drip Tray, Spit-Rod + Forks, Battery motor, Floor & Table stand. 770 x 460 x 475mm


Meat Lifter or Pulled Meat. Meat handling made easy!

Mini Grid

BC001 - Mini Grid 280 x 230 x 20mm, adjustable handle

Snoek Grid

BC005 Snoek Grid 615 x 325 x 40mm, non adjustable handle

Standard Grid

BC002 Standard Grid 430 x 330 x 40mm adjustable handle

Fish Grid Pan [Standard]

Fish grid pan - To remove braai fish neatly from grid and dish up. Fits std grid 405 x 305 x 20mm

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