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Quality service and workmanship is very important to us and deserves high priority. Our drawing and design department helps our clients with custom made products before manufacturing. Below is a full list of Info & Specifications for the various products.

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Info & Specifications

Protect tractor operator, seat and instrument panel.
HDM design and manufacture sunroofs for any model.
Our sunroof include a steel structure with an excellent design.
We treat the steel structure with a phosphate dip and thereafter it gets an epoxy finish.
When manufacturing the roof, we mix the colouring and the resins (colour code) to assure a scratch proof product of good quality.
We also add model stickers on both sides of the sunroof.
The sunroofs are very popular and are distributed countrywide.
All mounting bolts and nuts are included and no welding is necessary to mount the sunroof.

Additional Options

Orange L.E.D. flashers, Spotlights, Rubber edging/trimming and more.


Custom Designs

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